Rad Roller Rad Axle Foam Roller, Green
Rad Roller Rad Axle
Rad Roller Rad Axle

Rad Roller Rad Axle


This muscle-flushing body prodigy needs no introduction, but we’re going to give it one anyway. Introducing the RAD Axle: the next generation of foam rollers. It’s shaped for the spine, luxe for the legs and wicked for warmups to keep every part of your bod at its best.


  • BABY GOT BACK Finally, a foam roller that was literally built for the back. The RAD axle boasts a larger diameter than standard foam rollers to help maximize spinal extension and open up your chest like crazy. And where other foam rollers are flat (also: boring), the RAD Axle offers a wide recess in the middle to (1) take pressure off your sensitive spine and (2) give you just the nook you need for other foam rolling favorites like quads, IT band and rear shoulder.
  • HARD CORE. SOFT TOUCH. Worn-out, distorted foam rollers are a crime, and rock-hard options are a pain. Literally. The RAD Axle pairs a sturdy, stabilizing ABS plastic core with a comfortable EVA foam surface to provide the ideal in-between. The spongier foam is less intense than other RAD tools, so it’s a killer warm-up device and great for beginners. All the while, the hollow inner core is rigid and durable to hold up use after use, even under pressure.
  • THE JUST-RIGHT ROLLER Not too big. Not too small. At 14", the RAD Axle offers all the length you need and none of the excess you don’t. Most foam rollers clock in at 22", 36" or even 50", which is not only obtrusive to store in your home, but it’s just plain hard to work with. The RAD Axle is sized just right for easy, effective use alone or with a friend (pair with the RAD Rod to create a fascia-freeing rolling pin tool.)
  • Dimensions: 14” x 5.5”
  • Materials: ABS (core) and EVA foam (outer)
  • Unit weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises
  • Model Number: 1027
  • Color: Green