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Sarah Ceschin

Sarah is a native Wisconsinte born to explore the mountains and live adventurously. She loves to run marathons, bike up 14ers, take her backpack and energetic border collie on trips through the mountains, and eat her weight in sandwiches and ice cream afterwards. Sarah helps her community go far through her physical therapy career treating sports related injuries and other orthopedic issues.

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Natalie Collar

Natalie is a queer ultra and trail runner. Originally from Indiana, she discovered her love for the mountains and trails while teaching in the Alps region of Japan, and moving to Colorado has only deepened her love for outdoor adventures. Natalie also enjoys gravel biking, hopes to finish Javelina Jundred this year, and has a dog-ter named Mitsu.

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Adler Edward

Adler is a born and raised midwesterner who learned about the mountains from a friend in college where they'd regularly come out for long weekend adventures hiking and camping. After spending years coming out west every change he got, he decided he needed to make Colorado his home. Adler lives in Boulder with his fiance and their golden retriever, Mr. Cooper. They love mountain running, mountain biking, long backpacking adventures in the summer and skiing whenever they can in the winter.

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David Garcia

David is a full time firefighter, father, husband and endurance athlete with an insatiable thirst for adventure. He loves getting lost in the mountains and the desert with his family or friends in their camper van. David is most commonly found climbing rocks, running long distances in remote areas of the western US, or sipping on some good whiskey around a campfire planning his next adventure.

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Lara Johnson

Lara Johnson, DPT, is the founder of Yellow Brick Physical Therapy in Boulder, CO, where she empowers those who are determined to heal their bodies so they can be free from pain, become daringly healthy, and realize their full potential inside and out. Dr. Lara also serves the Boulder community by teaching weekly fitness and yoga classes, leading wellness and running retreats, and hosting injury prevention and meditation workshops.

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Anthony Lee

Anthony is a a jack of all trades, but identifies as a Mountain Ultra Trail Runner (MUT). He enjoys GOING FAR in all aspects of life and the challenge of any endeavor. He first found running through his older siblings and as a way to get healthy from childhood obesity. Anthony began pursing running seriously in high school and has never looked back. From the roads and trails, to a mile to 120+ mile trail runs, Anthony loves to do it all. He loves big mountains, lots of vertical gain and all the incredible scenery he is able to see while out on the adventure.

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Ben Whitehead

Ben is an educator, life-long learner, runner, and a lover of the outdoors. He’s raced everything from the mile to the marathon. Running gives Ben a sense of community, pride, and a way to connect with all things. Ben moved to Colorado in 2019 and found he's most at peace on the trails. When he’s not running, Ben is likely spending time with his family, hiking, and exploring throughout the Rocky Mountains. 

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