Our Story

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Why Go Far?

Whether it’s trail running, hiking, skiing, or other outdoor activities, at Go Far we want to help you go far, regardless of the pursuit. We partner with industry-leading brands and businesses to provide a unique retail experience that is focused on community and collaboration. Most importantly, we provide a level of service that builds lasting relationships with everyone who walks through our door. 

Our Story

When Kate King moved to Colorado five years ago, she immediately felt a desire to be part of something bigger. For her, connecting with the Boulder community meant inspiring people to get outside, be active and pursue their dreams. It was this ethereal drive that created the vision for Go Far. With the help of her business partner and key brand partners, this locally based outdoor shop opened it's doors Oct 26th 2017. 

Our Partners

We have partnered up with Smartwool to carry the largest Smartwool assortment in the Front Range. We believe in the power of wool and the benefits it brings to performance and outdoor adventures. 

We are one of two retailers in Colorado that carries the Superfeet + HP Fitstation. This amazing machine not only assists in finding the perfect insole or shoe for you, but can also 3D print a custom insole meant just for you! 

Local Businesses + Clubs
As a local shop, our community is extremely important to us. By lifting up and partnering with other local businesses + clubs in our community, we can help inspire more folks to get outside and go far together! 

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