2020 Go Far Ambassadors

Dana Eshelman

Dana grew up in Orange County, CA and has been in Colorado for the past 10 years! She is a full-time registered dietitian working with both the geriatric population and athletes (Quite the range!). She loves all things food and strives to educate on whole food nutrition. Dana grew up craving a solid competition in anything and everything. She love to challenges her limits and the limits of those around her to go further!  

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Mitch Graves

Mitch grew up in Western Massachusetts and moved to Boulder in 2019. He is passionate about all things outdoors and loves exploring by all sorts of self-powered modalities. Trail running, cycling and ice climbing have been a few of his favorite activities lately. At the end of a long day of adventure, find him at Illegal Pete's with burrito and a beer.

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Jenny Primm

Jenny's love affair with the mountains began while growing up in the mountains of North Carolina.  You can find her on any given day running in the mountains or planning the next adventure with her partner, JohnE or their furbabies Koda and Sequoia in tow. Jenny loves nothing more than stretching herself and helping her friends set and accomplish their goals. She is a part of the Trail Sisters Boulder community and loves everything about the ladies, community and commodore that has developed. Her eyes are firmly set on two goals for 2020: TransRockies 6 day and Run Rabbit Run 100! 

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Kristen Mohror

Kristen is a Boulder-based dog-loving, trail running, do-good enthusiast. She believes in sweating the details, showing up even when it’s scary, NOT having to do all the things, and finding the best way to connect, grow and work as a team and as a real life person.

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Ben Whitehead

Ben, an educator and life-long learner, took up running at age 28. He’s raced everything from the mile to the marathon. Running gives Ben a sense of community, pride, and a way to connect with all things around. His mantra is “Relentless Forward Progress,” something Ben knows is a must in the world of ups and downs. No matter the struggle, it’s always about taking the bad with the good, remaining as positive as possible, and using past experiences to better the future. If he’s not running, he’s likely spending time with his family, hiking, and exploring throughout the Rocky Mountains.

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Kari Sullivan

Kari is a personal trainer and transformational coach who specializes in self love and self acceptance.  She loves getting out on the trails with her pup and teaching others how to connect with their bodies!

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Anthony Lee

Anthony is a a jack of all trades, but identifies as a Mountain Ultra Trail Runner (MUT). He first found running through his older siblings and as a way to get healthy from childhood obesity. From the roads and trails, to a mile to 120+ mile trail runs, Anthony loves to do it all. He loves big mountains, lots of vertical gain and all the incredible scenery he is able to see while out on the adventure. Originally from the small PNW town Vancouver, WA, Anthony now calls Boulder, CO home for the past two years. 

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Sarah Browning

Sarah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and the Manager and Master Trainer at Shred415 Boulder. She was a Division I Rower at Indiana University where she majored in Kinesiology and Business. After sustaining a career ending injury, Sarah knew that she still wanted fitness and physical activity to be a big part of her life as it brings her so much joy as well as a constructive outlet. Sarah has completed 5 open water swim races, multiple 10K's, a half marathon, and an 82 mile trail relay run. She has skydived, bungee jumped, hiked, ice skated, skied, snowboarded, water skied, and sailed.

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Brian Bagley

Brian is a Colorado native - the mountains and mountain lifestyle run deep in his veins. He finds that the best times in life are those spent moving through the mountains with friends, both old and new!

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Alison Lynch

Alison moved to Boulder with her fiancé this past August to pursue their dream of living amongst the mountains and exploring the west coast- she is so happy she took a chance because she loves it here! Alison ran competitively in high school and college and then in a running club in Boston for several years. Although her biggest passion has always been running, she has become equally passionate about hiking and skiing and enjoys camping as she goes on adventures. She feels most true to herself and connected to the world when she is out in nature and is thankful for the privilege to be able to share in the beauty of the outdoors.

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Julia & Tanner Brodess

Julia & Tanner love getting out in nature to hike, camp, kayak and explore. They are constantly finding ways to push themselves and enjoy nature in any way they can.

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Mary Beth Skylis

Mary Beth Skylis is a long-distance backpacker and a writer. Her journeys have taken her across the Appalachian mountains, through the Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains. In 2020, Mary Beth will be headed to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 

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Jenn Thomas

Just a southern girl living in a beautiful outdoor world. A recent move to Georgia in 2019 has me living the most adventurous life I’ve lived this far. Excited to see more!

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Lizi Bolanos-Nauth

Lizi is an ultra-trail mountain runner who loves running mountains and  spending time outdoors. She has a fun-loving approach to the sport and to training. When she is not running she works as an occupational therapist. Lizi currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Roger and her awesome kids Clara (12) and Alex (8).

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Adam Chapman

Adam has lived in Boulder for the last 13 years, having joined the trail community in 2014. He is the owner of Integrative Endurance, an endurance coaching service for local or remote families and individuals.

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Lorenzo Muñoz

Lorenzo grew up in the suburbs surrounding Chicago but a passion for environmental protection brought him to Colorado where he is currently working on his masters of the environment degree at CU Boulder. He strives to maximize each day by balancing his time as a student, activist, and athlete. 

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Lara Johnson

Lara Johnson, DPT, is the founder of Yellow Brick Physical Therapy in Boulder, CO, where she empowers those who are determined to heal their bodies so they can be free from pain, become daringly healthy, and realize their full potential inside and out. Using a system-of-systems mindset and neuromuscular hands-on techniques, she helps each person understand the connectedness of their body, releases their outdated patterns and restrictions, and shows them the steps to take on their path to sustained unrestricted health and freedom of movement, without risky or unnecessary quick fix methods which usually don't last. Dr. Lara also serves the Boulder community by teaching weekly fitness and yoga classes, leading wellness and running retreats, and hosting injury prevention and meditation workshops.

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Ali Papillon

A creature of daring adventures. The all-terrain troubadour. A rock hound and a developer of fine cuisines for health enthusiasts.

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Bodhi Gross

An aficionado and steward of the environment. An escape artist of comfort zones. A visionary and illustrator of the surreal.

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