Where Is My Happy Place?

Where Is My Happy Place?

If you are like me, you might have spent some time trying to figure out the answer to the following:

“Where is my happy place?”

For some it could be crafting the perfect culinary masterpiece. For others it might be watching your kiddos play. For those without kids, it could be soaking in a bubble bath with a tall glass of wine (those with kids can dream!) For me, it is the great outdoors.

The space that nature provides is amazing. It gives me permission to reconnect. Reconnect with the world outside of the everyday noise and reflect on what is important. The ability of my heart and lungs to take oxygen around my body; my legs to power up the mountain; my eyes to take in the views; my ears to listen to natures song. Silly, maybe but this is what feeds my soul on any given trail.

My wish for everyone is that they know where their happy place is and can visit it often. If you ever want to visit one of mine, I am always up for company!

Happy trails!

Jenny Primm - Go Far Ambassador


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