Salomon Ultra Pro Review

Salomon Ultra Pro Review

Overview the Ultra Pro Trail Shoe

The Ultra Pro shoe by Salomon was inspired by the S-Lab Ultra. It shares many of the features of this shoe with an improved cushioning, slightly softer ride and taller lugs.

This shoe provides all around protection for any day, trail and distance. It is a versatile, all season shoe.  In my opinion, it has some characteristics that make it strong in wet, muddy and technical terrain.

This shoe weighs about 9.9 oz (size W 8). Its stack height is 23mm (heel), 15mm (forefoot), an 8 mm drop. It retails for $150 and it is only available in a medium width. From what I’ve heard, Salomon made this shoe a bit wider, accommodating for wider feet. 

The Details


Dual Density EVA provides underfoot cushioning and helps control overpronation. This is especially useful in longer training runs as it provides stability toward the end of a run when form starts to break down. 

Energy Save in the forefoot for a responsive toe-off while adding impact protection, this Energy Save TPU runs from the midsole to forefoot. 

The dual density midsole is well-cushioned.  I found it firm for the first few miles of each run, then it softened just right. Though this shoe is comfortable in mellow paths and roads, I found it on the hard side for my feet. It feels more nimble on gravel, smooth and loose dirt.


The Premium Wet Traction Contagrip rubber with multidirectional 5mm lugs is absolutely awesome. I ran these shoes in wet terrain, mud, snow and slush and it performed well. The rubber compound is extraordinary as you feel it clings to rock slabs well and provides amazing traction when wet. This can make it a go-to shoe for all seasons!

The durability of the outsole is also great. I have run these shoes over 50 miles on rocky, rough terrain and the wear is minimal to nonexistent.


The Ultra Pro has a 3D Stretch Air Mesh which is durable, breathable and provides protection from debris. This upper is soft and pliable. 

The Seamless Sensifit overlays are wings on the upper that wrap the foot and secure it. I loved this feature during uphill and downhill running as well as running in technical terrain. You will feel your foot secure on the midfoot without excessive pressure.

The Quicklace system with Kevlar laces is an easy system that works well for lacing. Once you cinch the quick lace it provides a gentle secure fit. This system keeps your foot secured with no need to adjust during a run.

The heel is somewhat narrow, sturdy and protective.

Overall the Ultra Pro has a generous fit, the front of the shoe is comparatively wide with plenty of overall volume.


  • This is a comfortable shoe with great cushion and protection. As I mentioned before it’s quite versatile and handles from smooth, gravel trails as well as rocky technical terrain.
  • Traction
  • Durability
  • Foot hold – Especially on technical terrain, this shoe is an ace!


  • This shoe is a touch on the heavy side. However, it is not meant to be a racing shoe, but a training shoe geared for racing in ultra-distances.


  • Great for: technical, wet, muddy, rocky terrain
  • Not so great for: pavement

Review by Go Far Ambassador – Lizi Bolanos-Nauth

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