Our Top Three Go-To Local Trails

Our Top Three Go-To Local Trails

As part of helping our active family stay active, our team at Go Far has put together a short list of our top three favorite trails around Boulder, Colorado. One of the hardest parts of being active is knowing where to start! We hope that this post will help get you to know where to begin and encourage you all to take advantage of the beautiful wildlife and scenery that Colorado has to offer. Starting off our list is the Mesa Trail.

Mesa Trail

The Mesa Trail is located just south of Boulder and extends for approximately 7.5 miles long. Running from North to South, the Mesa Trail begins at the top of Bluebell Road in Chautauqua and extends to the South Mesa Trailhead near Eldorado Springs. This beautiful trail is often flooded with stunning wild flowers and different wildlife so we recommend bringing a camera. Both dogs and horses are allowed on the trail as well. It provides a number of opportunities to travel through different scenic routes giving exposure to canyons, mountain peaks, dense forest, and vast open space. Lastly, the Mesa Trail has been deemed as moderate in difficulty, therefore, we encourage most of our family members to give it a try. However, if you are looking for an easier, more novice trail to start off with, our second choice might be more appealing.

Flatirons Vista Trail

Coming second on our list is the Flatirons Vista Trail. Located just south of the city, this trail gives way to a shorter adventure as the full loop extends about 3.5 miles in length. It is considered an easy, primarily flat trail that is great for all skill levels and provides a perfect view of the Flatirons. It is also great for both hiking and mountain biking. Dogs are permitted on this trail as well, but they must be kept on a leash. For Boulder residents, entrance to the trail is free but if you are traveling from outside of Boulder you must pay a small fee of $5.

Mount Sanitas and Sanitas Valley Loop Trail

Last, but not least on our list is the Mount Sanitas and Sanitas Valley Loop Trail. This trail is the most difficult of the three, but also the shortest as the full loop is 3.2 miles long. Over the course of the hike the total elevation gained is 1,256 feet, making it steep, but with great views as your reward! On the way up you will encounter many steps, logs, and boulders; making the hike exhilarating but also tiring. However, there are many nice resting points on the way up, where you can enjoy some beautiful views of Boulder. Because of the trails increased difficulty, we might recommend this for our more experienced hikers or those looking for a challenge.

We hope that you will take advantage of these trails and encourage you to share your experiences with us in the near future whether you are dropping into the store, or tagging us via social media! #gofarshop

Best of luck and safe travels in your upcoming adventures!

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