Meet our 2019 Ambassadors!

Meet our 2019 Ambassadors!

Ready to learn more about our amazing group of ambassadors for 2019? Check out their bios below and give them a shout out in the comments!

Lizi Bolanos

Born and raised in Mexico City, Lizi currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Roger and her awesome kids Clara (11) and Alex (7). She is a full-time occupational therapist who splits between working in the school system and directing a bachelor’s degree Program in occupational therapy in Mexico. Lizi is an avid athlete, who since an early age had interest in competitive sports, from gymnastics, tennis, basketball to road cycling. She has now found her home in trail and mountain running. She loves spending time outdoors, has a fun-loving approach to the sport and to training. She values connections with other athletes and her surrounding community. Lizi “goes far” by always redefining what is possible, by challenging her limits with a positive, relentless attitude in the pursuit of her dreams and goals. You can find her on Instagram @lizinauth.

Dr. Lara Johnson
Photo by: Laura Barisonzi

Dr. Lara Johnson is passionate about all things healthy and active, and tends to go far in every endeavor she undertakes. She not only earned a degree in Exercise Science, but dove far into textbooks and research for a Masters in the field and even farther with hands-on medical training for a clinical Doctorate. She wasn’t just a collegiate athlete, but ran far into adulthood competing in races from 5k-to- marathon, and even farther on the trails. She’s not just a fitness buff, but goes above and beyond as a group exercise teacher, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. And she didn’t just get a job at a clinic, but took on the far-reaching challenge of business ownership so she can give her patients all the hands-on help and personal attention they need to properly heal. Dr. Lara whole-heartedly believes in long-term vitality, life-long learning, and providing quality service and care to members of her community. As owner of Lara Johnson Physical Therapy and Wellness, she helps active-minded people discover the root cause of their chronic pain or lingering injuries so they can stay healthy and mobile long-term, avoid unnecessary surgeries, defy aging, and be fit for a lifetime. And after years of running around, she continues to go far by turning inward and practicing meditation, self-inquiry, and restorative yoga as a means for deepening every day experience and balancing her usually on-the-go personality. All of her personal, professional, and sporty experiences combine so she can GO even FARther, by turning the lens outward and helping YOU go far in every unique way you choose! Find out more on her website here or check her out on Instagram @drlarajohnson.

Ricardo Cabrera

It started with sizzling summer long runs around a favorite hometown loop, called Two Bridges. A 14 mile loop that covered the best of Richmond, Va. Running was my catalyst for adventure. Always pushing my limits to go farther, faster. After finishing my collegiate running career at Christopher Newport University, I decided to move across the country to explore and experience something novel. Nowadays, my free time consists of spontaneous over night road trips to incredible places. Scaling multi pitch routes, hiking mountain tops and trailblazing through single track trails. Always scheming for the next endeavor, to go far. If you want to follow Ricardo on his adventures, check him out on Instagram @riko_rocksalot.

Meri Antin

Meri Antin grew up in New England and obtained a B.A. in Management at Hartwick College where she played collegiate field hockey. After graduating, she developed and managed the Wellbeing Program for one of the biggest market research firms in the US. In addition, she maintained her status as a personal trainer at several gyms throughout Boston. Her main passion is to motivate people to stay healthy, active and equip them to “Go Far” and reach their full potential. She moved to Boulder, Colorado 3 years ago to live in the mecca of wellness and be immersed in a supportive community of people who are always looking to get out on the trails. She is currently the Workplace Coordinator for the Boulder and Denver Workday offices where she brings her passion for corporate wellness as the Wellbeing Champion for both locations. In her pursuit to empower fellow workmates, she actively develops company wellbeing adventures with the help of community partners. Meri reached one of her personal “Go Far” goals this past summer when she completed her first 100 mile trail race and is currently working on her next project, backcountry skiing, with her sights set on finishing  the 2019 Grand Traverse. You can follow her on Instagram @meriantin.

Anthony Lee

Anthony hasn’t always been an athlete or mountain ultra trail runner you see today. He was stuffing burger in his mouth as a kid and started running as a way to get healthy. Then he fell in love with the feeling running gave me once he got healthy and did not suffering from childhood asthma anymore. He began pursing running seriously in high school and has never looked back. Anthony has always been a multi-faceted runner, not often focusing only on one type of racing. From road and trails, to 5k to 120+ mile trail runs, Anthony loves to do it all. He loves big mountains, lots of vert and all the incredible scenery is able to see while he runs. He brings this passion for endurance and the outdoors to the Community. Originally from the small PNW town Vancouver, WA. He’s a new transplant to Boulder, CO. Anthony runs for, Adidas TERREX, rabbit, GoFar Shop, ActiveNW, FullyActivatedCBD, and Red Fox NA. You can follow Anthony’s running adventures on Instagram @a.c.l8.

Kari Sullivan

I go far daily. This to me means hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, lifting, and playing. I love moving my body and exploring it! I am always curious as to how it responds to different variables, whether that be a trail, slope, or some weights. All of this has become medicinal. I use my daily efforts as a way to release a lifetime of self hate and terrible body image. Instead of hating my body I am now always grateful for all that it enables me to do. This is what I want to share with the community and how I see myself going far in the future. I want to inspire others to break free from negative thought patterns and live their best life! Follow Kari along on Instagram @303fitchick.

Joann Nelson

Hi, my name is Joann and I work as a Human Resources Consultant and have a passion for the great outdoors, traveling and experiencing new things. I love the active, mountain lifestyle…which is a main reason I moved from the Midwest to Colorado after college. I’m a distance runner, triathlete, yogi, and hiker. I’ve run over 20 marathons and completed my first ultra marathon this past year. I’m a 6x Boulder Ironman 70.3 finisher, and did my first full distance triathlon at the inaugural Ironman Boulder. In 2019, I will push myself to ”go far” more than I ever have before, as I train to run the Leadville Trail 100 for the first time. Follow Joann along on Instagram @joannstarknelson.

Jacob Corley

My name is Jacob Corley. I am a massage therapist and mobility coach. I have been an avid backpacker for over 10 years and just recently got into ultra running. I completed my first 50k last year and quickly decided to sign up for a second race right away. This year I am signed up for my first 50M race in Bryce Canyon. My long term goal is to qualify for the CCC. To follow Jacob, check him out on Instagram @optimalfunction_wellness

Mary Beth Skylis

Mary Beth (“Mouse”) Skylis began long-distance backpacking on the Appalachian Trail in 2015. Since 2015, she completed the Colorado Trail, part of the Annapurna Circuit, and she has plans to chase additional peaks. Since beginning life as a serial thru-hiker, Mary Beth has also taken up trail running, bouldering, and snowshoeing. When not on trail, Mary Beth is a Freelance Writer who specializes in gear reviews and personal narratives. With a background in plastics, she loves to analyze and challenge the performance of outdoor gear. You can follow her on her website here or on Instagram @maryskylis.

Alex Diltz

I wanted to start off by thanking Go Far shop with picking me to be an ambassador for a business that has amazing morals – for not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a healthy environment and community. To me, go far in life emphasizes a couple different things. To go far in life and go far in travel and adventure. I have made the move to Colorado around a year and a half ago to make the transition to adulthood and take on life away from the comfort of my parents. This move is helping me go far in life and finding who I am, as well as go far in travel and adventure. To follow along with Alex, check him out on Instagram @alex_diltz.

Chelsea Holt

Chelsea is an avid runner and sports physical therapist in the Boulder community. She’s originally from California but moved all around the country before settling in Boulder 2 years ago. She began running competitively in high school and ran her first marathon in college. She has ran 7 marathons and is halfway through her goal of running all of the World Major Marathons with her fourth coming up in 2019 in Berlin. She loves getting to run on a variety of trails and through various neighborhoods in and around Boulder and getting to know great people while doing so. She’s very excited to get more involved in this great community and get the opportunity to meet more people! Follow along with Chelsea’s running adventures on Instagram @ccholt.

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