Maurten Product Review

Maurten Product Review

What is Maurten?

In 2015, Maurten discovered how to make sports fuels easier to tolerate by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. The sports fuels, based on only natural ingredients, became popular and one year later some of the world’s best runners started using our products. The technology is patent pending.


Drink Mix – Mix the Drink Mix with water, and you’ll have a liquid sports drink containing high concentrations of carbohydrates. The drink instantly converts to hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach, encapsulating the carbohydrates. The hydrogel then enables a smooth transportation of the sports drink through the stomach to the intestine where the water, salt and carbohydrates are absorbed.

Looking for a lot of energy? This carbohydrate drink contains 80g of carbs per serving (500 ml). It’s widely used by the best endurance athletes in the world. If you want both hydration and energy – this is the product for you. One serving contains 40 grams of carbohydrates (500 ml).

GEL 100 – The GEL 100 is a hydrogel – a biopolymer matrix that holds carbohydrates. It relies on the same concept as the drinks where the hydrogel technology enables a smoother transportation of carbohydrates through the stomach to the intestine where the carbohydrates are absorbed. In the case with the drinks, the hydrogel is formed in the acidity of the stomach – but the GEL 100 is a hydrogel formed in production, by combining sodium alginate and calcium carbonate under exact conditions.

Maurten Review

With all of the hype behind this product I decided to try it out myself. I first tried the 320 mix during a three hour trail run over the summer. I figured I could take one bottle of the mix, which is 500 ml, containing 320 calories and 80 grams of carbs. This is plenty of energy for a 3 hour easy run in the mountains.

The concept made sense, but how was my experience? Well, the first thing I noticed was the texture. You have to mix it really well or a gel will form at the bottom of the bottle. The taste is very sweet but there is no specific flavor. I would take small sips throughout the run and my energy stayed consistent throughout the run. This run was done at a lower intensity so 80 grams of carbs was more than enough. With that much sugar, some may have issues with their stomach, especially at a lower intensity. Throughout the summer I used both the 320 and 160 mix and only had positive experiences with sustaining energy and with keeping a happy stomach.

While preparing for the Houston Marathon I decided to try out the Maurten Gel 100. This is their newest product and is based on the same principle as the mix. Although it’s an actual gel, it has a higher concentration of water so it’s absorbed quickly to the working muscles. My first time trying the Gel 100 was on a 22 mile long run. The first thing I noticed was the gelatin like texture. It went down easy as I was clipping off a solid pace. Each gel contains 25 grams of carbs and the best part is they can be taken without water. That doesn’t mean neglecting water, but the gel can be absorbed without the use of water. I practiced with these gels on a lot of my specific marathon work and never had a stomach issue. They also provided the energy needed for each specific session. On race day I took one gel prior to the start and three on the course. I had a great experience throughout training as well as race day. Although Maurten is at a higher price-point, this will be my primary fuel in my training and races moving forward!

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Review by Guy Alton

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