Inside the Fitstation Powered by HP

Inside the Fitstation Powered by HP

If you are tired of dealing with foot pains or unsure what type of insole your feet need, then keep reading this post to find out how we can help provide you with a perfect fitting insole… Go Far is one of 26 locations in the United States that offers Superfeet’s FitStation powered by HP.  So what is the FitStation? This amazing device captures 3D scans of your feet, analyzes your walking patterns, and takes pressure measurements in order to identify your unique motion path to help build your one of a kind Kinetic Foot Profile. The Fitstation then uses this data to recommend footwear, insoles, and to place an order to print 3D insole designed specifically based on the shape of your foot and how you move. Some of the measurements it takes into account include:
 Pressure pattern
 Heel rotation
 Propulsion index
 Dynamic knee variation

Photo by Caveman Collective

The gait pattern technology uses 8,192 sensors capturing 500 data points per second. In addition, it uses four FDA class one lasers and 0.5mm deviation accuracy for 3D foot and ankle scanning. This type of technology guarantees a perfect design for each foot. Superfeet personalization can be
brought to you in three ways:
 The Perfect Fit: Shoe + Superfeet Insole Recommendation
 ME3D 3D-Printed Insoles
 Individualized Footwear (coming soon!)

FitStations are even becoming a necessity in the NFL as all 32 teams use FitStation to determine the best-fitting cleats for their players. Stop by our shop to find out how we can help create the perfect fitting insole or footwear recommendation to get you to go Go Far with maximum comfort! #GoFarGoTogether

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