Brooks Cascadia 14 Trail Running Shoe Review

Brooks Cascadia 14 Trail Running Shoe Review

Brooks Cascadia 14 Review

Every year, I look forward to checking out Brooks Running’s latest Cascadia shoe improvements. The Cascadias are the Bonnie to my Clyde. And the peanut butter to my jelly. I’ve been wearing this particular shoe for about five years, taking it on extended adventures like the Colorado Trail. And I love them because I know exactly what to expect. They fit my feet really well. The sizing is consistent. And every model wears in the same place, splitting just outside your pinky knuckle. The new and fabulous Brooks Cascadia 14s meet all of this criteria, but there are a handful of improvements that have been made to the shoe too.  

MSRP: $130

Weight: 9.5oz 

The Brooks Cascadia 14s are designed for trail runners with medium to high arches. They feature a cushioned build and weigh just 9.5 ounces. And this model even has a mud guard to keep those annoying bits of dirt out of your shoes. 

I use these shoes for both trail running and ultralight backpacking, and they stand up to each activity without issue. After a recent 20 mile hike, I didn’t even struggle with a single hot spot.

As someone with particularly high arches, I tend to use orthotics, since the natural support doesn’t quite do it for me. And the width runs a little narrow, which can be problematic for those with normal feet. But the overall build and functionality of these shoes is unbeatable.  



  • Durable
  • Consistent
  • Improved traction
  • Cordura mud guard


  • Earthy color choices
  • Width runs narrow

The Cascadia 14s Vs The Cascadia 13s

The Cascadia 13 features a similar build, accommodating trail runners with medium to high arches and a bit of cushion. But they’re a tad heavier than the 14s, weighing 10.6 ounces. The tread on the Cascadia 14s has a more consistent design, featuring the same pattern throughout the foot, making it particularly great at handling slick surfaces. The Cascadia 13s have different shapes on the exterior sides of the cascadia. 


Honestly, I found the color options for the Cascadia 13s to be more appealing. The Cascadia 14s feature earthy tones. And the Cascadia 13s are richer in color. But the design of the 14s seems superior. 

Final Thoughts About the Cascadia 14s:

The Brooks Cascadia shoes have always suited my needs in a way that few other shoes do. There’s never a break-in period. They’re easy on my skin. And yet they’re tough against gnarly terrain. And the Cascadia 14s seem to be continuing this trend by adding additional traction and support. Plus, I have yet to wear a pair of Cascadias that fails me before the 500 mile mark.


Review by Go Far Ambassador Mary Beth Skylis

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