4 Injury Mitigation Exercises for Runners

4 Injury Mitigation Exercises for Runners

Unfortunately, Injury is quite common for runners. The most common injuries being knee pain, heel pain and hip pain. This is generally caused by the constant repetitive physical demand that runners put on their joints during each run.

A big part of being a successful, lifelong runner is maintaining joint longevity by implementing a daily mobility routine that focuses on moving joints through full range of motion and preparing the joints for the physical demand that is needed to go on a run.

It is recommended that these exercises be performed daily and before every run. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine can help mitigate your risk of developing an overuse injury and ensure your longevity as a runner. Give them a try, and let us know if you find they make a difference.

Exercise 1 Hip C.A.R’s Exercise 2 Tibia C.A.R’s Exercise 3 Ankle C.A.R’s Exercise 4 Thoracic C.A.R’s About the Author Jacob Corley, LMT Optimal Function & Wellness


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