Welcome to Go Far


We are so excited to begin this journey to open up our first store and cannot wait to help you pursue your dreams to “Go Far!”

So what is Go Far?

Go Far is an unique store concept that transcends the typical run, outdoor, or active shop. As an active lifestyle store, with a run focus, we are partnering with Smartwool to provide customers with high quality product to suit them in any adventure they pursue, whether it be to the trails or just to the tavern. We are inclusive to all those who seek advice, motivation, or just to chat about being active in the Boulder community. Outside of Smartwool, we are collaborating with many other amazing brands who align with our mission. Check out of brand page to learn who those are!


At Go Far, our mission is to create a premier retail experience which engages and connects with the Boulder community by educating, encouraging, and inspiring all to live an active healthy lifestyle. 


  • Communication – by far one of our top priorities is making sure we are communicating openly, listening, and respecting our customers, staff, and vendor partners. Without a high level of communication and striving to always improve this value, nothing else matters.

  • Trust – creating trust between customers, vendor partners, and our community is of the utmost importance. This is the starting point in building strong relationships.

  • Relationships – Who we work with (vendors, customers, coworkers, community) makes us who we are. Fostering these relationships and making sure we are striving to create raving fans.

  • Collaboration – collaborating with community members & vendor partners to create a better world in and outside of our store.

  • Inspire – inspiring those around us to go far and pursue our dreams! We are the local resource for customers to discover, inspire, and motivate themselves to get moving!

  • Active Living – above all, we are passionate about living an active lifestyle as this is one of the foundations for a happy + healthy community and self. Life is worth living, so live it well!